10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US

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Photo by Tada Images from Shutterstock

Portland, Oregon

Block group established around Steel Bridge, the Willamette River, Fremont Bridge, N. Russel Street, N. Williams Avenue / NE Thompson Street, and the NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard / NE Hancock Street / NE 1st Avenue / NE Weidler Street, Pacific Highway, and the BNSF Railroad

Here, there are 181 predicted violent crimes per year. The expected violent crime rate is somewhere around 210 crimes per 1,000 residents. 28% of the households in the block group in Portland, OR, are currently living with less than %10,000 a year (highest 3% nationally).

Plus, 65% of the residents decided to move in less than four years ago. Residents that are still living in this block have a hard time finding hobs, so it makes sense why the unemployment rate was higher here than in 96% of U.S. block groups nationwide.

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2 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US”

  1. It’s time to end the CIRCUS and find a REAL LEADER who can solve economic, political, and international problems!

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