10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US

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Kansas City, Kansas

Block group established around Ann Avenue, N. 10th Street, Washington Boulevard, N. 3rd Street / Minnesota Avenue / N. 4th Street

48% of all the households that are living in this block group from Kansas City, Kansas, are living with less than $10,000 a year, which is way more than 99.7% of any other block group. The median household income adds up to $11,000 a year, and the resident has to face an extremely high rate of unemployment, higher than 92% of U.S. block groups, while 66% of residents were completely out of the labor force.

Residents were much older than the average in the block groups, meaning that 50.9 was the median age for males, while 49.5 was the median age for women. However, neighboring block groups were much younger than the average.

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  1. It’s time to end the CIRCUS and find a REAL LEADER who can solve economic, political, and international problems!

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