10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US

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Kansas City, Missouri

Block groups established around E. 8th Street, Prospect Avenue, E. 12th Street, and Cleveland Avenue

31% of the households that were surveyed in this block group in Kansas City are living with less than $100,000 a year, which is a bit higher than 98% of U.S. block groups. As the median household income here is $20,391, residents actually tend to earn less than 97% of the block groups nationwide.

In the end, a big part of the surveyed residents wasn’t in the labor force. It’s worth mentioning that this block group has a stadium and a park. In these kinds of places, using the crime rate as a general indicator might only lead to crime overestimation, because these places are known to attract many visitors.

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3 thoughts on “10 Most Dangerous Areas in the US”

  1. It’s time to end the CIRCUS and find a REAL LEADER who can solve economic, political, and international problems!

  2. The Marxist Liberal Social Utopia of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and KC appears to be troubled with reality of being the greatest crime centers of the US. Liberalism a “failed philosophy of emotional self indulgence and social irresponsibility” (RJL) rears its ugly head here in black and white.
    Report the truth and stun the looney liberals into reality but then they can’t deal with reality as there wrapped in their self serving world of “feel good” failed logic. RJ/L

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