10 Planes That Disappeared Without A Trace

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3. Tiger Line Flight 739

On 1962, a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation propliner which was employed by the U.S military and it disappeared in the Pacific Ocean leaving no trace behind. The plane had over 90 U.S soldiers onboard and the destination was to Vietnam, Philippines.

Firstly the plane made a stop to refuel in Guam and after they were back on track it vanished into thin air. The investigation that followed was the largest investigation conducted in the Pacific Ocean and lasted for 8 days.

A civilian stated that he had witnessed a mid-air explosion that day, which he believed was the plane in question. However, there no remains found.

There are some conspiracies linked to this case which say that the plane was sabotaged or that a kidnapping had taken place. This plot came to life after a similar plane with secret military equipment left the same base and crashed later that day.

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9 thoughts on “10 Planes That Disappeared Without A Trace”

  1. There is another such triangle off the Pacific coast of Japan, called the Devil’s Sea, because of centuries of boat disappearances. Now, international planes pass through this triangle daily, particularly those from the US. where when the Japanese archipelago is reached the planes from the U.S. turn south and follow the Japanese coast down o Tokyo’s International Airport. Several years ago, on a return to Japan on a scheduled flight that was to arrive at about 5 P.M The flight from Seattle takes almost 9 hours to the minute. After 8 hours had passed and it was evening with Japan to the right, a quite surprising and excited announcement came from the pilot. He said, “Look out of the windows! It’s sun shining, bright as midday! Ladies and gentlemen,” he continued, sounding amazed .”We are approaching Tokyo International Airport and it’s 11 A.M!”
    Also astounded, we all looked out and the sun was up, verifying what he had said. We landed six hours ahead of the scheduled time! The rush to telephones, including me, to tell friends, and who-have-you of the strange early arrival astounded them as well. Now, it has been said that such a sudden change in timing surely must be registered somewhere at the airport, that a change from an evening sky to a morning sky like that would certainly be noticed by those on the ground. No such change was ever noted. If that captain made a report, I don’t know. The officials at the airport would certainly also have been astonished at whatever the pilot announced about arriving six hours early. That, I don’t know, but my friends said nothing of that nature happened. It was 11 A.M in Tokyo, that’s all they could say. No “tailwind” would have pushed such a plane to arrive six hours ahead of time. How the pilot would have seen from the cockpit such a drastic change from evening to morning would certainly have been notice, although it seems he wasn’t even aware of the change, until the plane’s clocks, or whatever it was, shocked him and there it was: Morning outside!

  2. Another disappearance of a fateful plane. Of course, everyone knows these disappearances are permanent. These planes never return. Where do they go? Who knows? To another world, another solar system, perhaps another universe? Or universes???

  3. Yes, these occurrences are all strange but there are even stranger things. I could list you some, but I think you should discover them yourselves.

  4. That Malaysian disappearance was so spooky on so many levels. I swear a UFO snatched that plane out the sky or it flew into a black hole or something.

    1. Kimberly O'Connell

      I followed that one when it happened for a long time. That was really crazy. That one had to have blew up or something more strange happened to it. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that watched the news about the disappearance. I prayed they would find those people. I think they are still looking though.

  5. WHY IN ?HEAVEN’S NAME with all science has to offer and has allowed to happen, we still can’t find even a car in a lake. Why? Because it means work, either physical, or God help us, we use our brains and physical bodies, one step at a time.

  6. The last time I was on a Plane, was 1995, & I NEVER plan to get on another one. All the Terrorism, stupid fights from odiots, & such…I feel safer on the ground. No one never knows the fate, of the Pilots & Passengers…Planes are just too Dangerous….

  7. it seems to me,being as those flights were all in good shape when they left for their destination and encountered a UFO or some kind of another world. we dont know anything about our planets workings, inside or out to space. no sign for some till it was too late. as for the others that were never found, use what you beleive in.

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