12 Celebrity Deaths That Made 2021 Even More Devastating

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2. Christopher Plummer

Born Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer on December 13, 1929, this hugely popular Canadian actor made his professional acting debut in 1948 with Ottawa’s Stage Society before making his way to the bright lights of Broadway in 1953 to make his debut in The Starcross Story. Unfortunately, the production closed on opening night due to a plagiarism lawsuit. He made his film debut in Stage Struck in 1958, then landed his first starring role that same year in Wind Across the Everglades.

He would star in 17 stage productions, 71 television series, 119 feature films, and even lend his vocal talents to 4 video games in a career spanning seven decades. However prolific Plummer might have been, he will most fondly be remembered for his role as Captain von Trapp in the 1965 musical classic, The Sound of Music. At the time of his death, he had been filming season 2 of Departure and was set to play King Lear in a film adaptation. Plummer died at his home in Weston, Connecticut, on February 5, 2021, at the age of 91.

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  1. the safety protocols on set are fine, they were all broken that day Halyna Hutchins died. What needs to happen is an investigation as to who brought live rounds on set.

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