12 Insane Weapons You Can Legally Own in Most States

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Silver Single Mace

The state requirements that allow you to own a heavy-duty medieval weapon are minimal: you ONLY have to be 18 years old. All legal restrictions might differ from state to state, but it won’t get shipped to California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

This spiked ball is glued by a 12-inch chain, which makes it incredibly easy to punish or hurt someone from a great distance, as the Budk Catalog confirmed.


Flamethrowers are completely banned from California. Other than this state, the use of this particular weapon doesn’t seem to be governed by any federal law. As for its deadliest feature, flames for some models are able to shoot over 100 meters.

Brass knuckles

Brass knuckles are actually legal in most states, but they could be considered a concealed carry weapon. You will actually need a permit in most states if you want to use bras knuckles. Unfortunately, those who use such a violent weapon end up in prison. It’s THAT violent.

Spear gun

Harpoon or spear guns are completely legal in the United States, and you could simply buy them from Amazon. Their deadliest feature is that they were basically designed to take down bigger underwater fish. You can only imagine what they can do to a human.


When it comes to crossbows, it seems that the laws differ depending on the state. However, the majority of states allow crossbows, at least when it comes to hunting. In fact, some crossbows are able to fire an arrow over 400 feet per second.

MCX-Spear by SIG Sauer

The Sig Sauer’s AR-15-style gun can be easily bought from stores. In fact, they’re the fastest to sell, even when the manufacturers ask for $7,999. According to Ryan Busse, a renowned firearms policy analyst, “It will shoot through any kind of bulletproof vest worn by any law enforcement officer in the county at the moment.” Well, I guess that says a lot!

Before letting you go, we just wanted to remind you that our intention wasn’t to advocate for any of these lethal weapons but to let you know just how available are these dangerous weapons in our days. If you enjoyed reading this piece, you might also want to read: Devastating Political Assassinations That Changed History

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