Attention! 5 Signs a Tornado Will Hit Your State

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What are the causes of a tornado? 

Photo by andreiuc88 from Shutterstock

It’s a question many people ask themselves: ”How does a tornado form?”. These type of devastating disasters typically develop from thunderstorms, but it’s not mandatory.

Strong winds are among the most important factors in tornado formation. The variation in orientation and speed of the wind with height is known as wind shear. Within a thunderstorm cell, this might result in a horizontal whirling effect. When the spinning air of an updraft collides with the revolving air of a downdraft, this produces the famous and frightening funnel cloud you’re surely familiar with.

When wet, warm air encounters chilly, dry air, this mix of winds is common. When these air masses collide, they cause an unstable atmosphere, allowing wind to change direction, flow faster, and rise higher, resulting in the above-mentioned rotation.

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