Attention! 5 Signs a Tornado Will Hit Your State

Where are tornadoes most likely to occur?

Photo by Rainer Lesniewski from Shutterstock

Now that you know the causes of tornadoes, it’s easier to understand where they occur and why.

Tornadoes can occur in many places around the world, but the United States is widely known for having more tornadoes yearly than any other country. The area where this phenomenon is mostly concentrated and likely to occur is also known as ”Tornado Alley”. This is where the most powerful tornadoes take place.

There are some states that are often associated with Tornado Alley, which include: Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas. This area is located in the Central region of the United States, so if this is where you live, you should definitely be informed of these types of events. In fact, everyone should know how to react in these situations, since it’s a very powerful and destructive natural phenomenon that can even take lives.

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