Attention! 5 Signs a Tornado Will Hit Your State

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Warning signs

Photo by Nelson Antoine from Shutterstock

There are a few warning indications that a tornado is on its way. A funnel-shaped cloud is the most typical warning. A tornado can form if you notice a whirling cloud in the shape of a cone slowly moving towards the earth. Even from afar, you’ll notice that this is a spinning cloud rather than a moving one.

Falling debris is another evident warning indication. The strong winds lift dust and dirt from the ground and spread them all over.

Next, keep an eye out for a really dark sky that can sometimes have a green tinge. The green tint is caused by sunlight refracting off hail stones, which are common companions to tornadoes and the storms that follow them.

Very strong thunderstorms are likely to produce hail, which itself can cause a tornado to form.

A roaring noise is often associated with a tornado, indicating that it is approaching. The strong winds that a tornado comes with will create this powerful sound that is easily distinguishable.

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