5 Ways America Already Looks Like a Third-World Country

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1. Gun violence

Without exaggeration, America stands somewhere high on the list of the most violent countries in the world. According to statistics, in the U.S., there are 20 times more crimes than the world average. While this is beyond sad, a lot of people tend to compare our situation with that of Arabic countries like Iraq, for example. But in reality, even if it doesn’t sound true, even there the murder rate is half as low as here.

Why is this happening? You may ask. Well, most of the killers that were involved in mass shootings or murders procured their guns perfectly legally. Weapons should be bought with only one purpose: to destroy yourself! But because of the laws that are active at this very moment, everybody can purchase a gun. Furthermore, the United States has varying levels of gun violence, but some places, including New Orleans and Detroit, are on par with the world’s most deadly Latin American nations.

Curious about other things related to gun laws in our country? Check out this ARTICLE!

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways America Already Looks Like a Third-World Country”

  1. Why don’t you tell the truth. Our society is so mess up people have lost it. Oh! by the way why aren’t you talking about blacks over running our streets killing maiming and destroying our cities.Killing,hurt random people and seniors and kids.NO! instead you are going for the average American’s fear. That what you guys do! fear mongering! blame average joe for our government failures! People can be pushed so far and a monster are created. You guys spin their fear that is all you guys do. So most of this is on you. You are the promoters, aren’t you?

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