6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies

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2. Kodak

The decline of the camera film and the development of technology caused Kodak to file for bankruptcy. They were once the biggest players in the field, making billions, but their competitors moved faster and adapted better to the market’s needs and requirements.

3. American Motors

The company started to slowly lose ground in front of its competitors in 1960. And eventually, in the ’80s, American Motors was bought by Chrysler due to the popular and successful overseas vehicle makers and the bad economy, which was affecting the sales.

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3 thoughts on “6 Decisions That Destroyed Successful Companies”

  1. This is a great article. It really proves honesty is the best policy. The common thread for these companies failing was greed .

  2. Motorola and Kodak sniffed around a digital segment merger but neither “Legend in Their Own Mind” could make it happen. A tragic U.S. missed opportunity

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