6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

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2. Ellen Austin 

Bermuda Triangle
Photo by VladSV from Shutterstock

This one is the most frightening and unsettling of all the Bermuda Triangle legends. This is the case of a ship, the Ellen Austin, being captured by a ship thought to be a terrible sign. During the voyage of the Ellen Austin in 1881, the crew stumbled across an abandoned ship with all of the amenities intact but no crew members on board. Some of Ellen Austin’s crew boarded the unidentified ship in an attempt to save the ship and get it to New York.

The crew of Ellen Austin lost track of the abandoned ship throughout the course. The ghostly ship was crewless when they discovered it again. That’s when Ellen Austin sent out a distress signal for a rescue ship.

Ellen Austin was sending a handful of its team members to the unidentified ship once more, it was said. Rescue ships never discovered either of the two when they arrived at the communicated location. Ellen Austin had vanished, as well as the ghostly ship. There have been multiple reports of Ellen Austin being seen with that phantom ship, either to deceive the ships or just capturing the deployed crew members. But it seems like we’ll never know what truly happened.

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