6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

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3. USS Cyclops

Bermuda Triangle
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The vanishing of the USS Cyclops, one of the Navy’s largest fuel ships, is the single-greatest loss of human life in US Navy history.

This enormous ship made sail from Brazil to Baltimore through the Bermuda area in March 1918, carrying 10,800 tons of a specific metal and 309 members of the crew. This ship’s first and only transmission, sent on a pleasant day, stated that there were no problems.

The vessel, however, was never seen or heard from again. A thorough search of the region was conducted, but nothing was discovered. There have never been any traces of the ship or any of the crew men that were on board. The commander on board never sent any emergency signals and nobody on the vessel replied to radio requests from other ships in the area.

The navy investigators were likewise unable to determine a definitive cause for the ship’s disappearance, despite a variety of ideas positing numerous causes.

But this incident made the Cyclops join the list of more than 100 ships and aircrafts that have been lost in inexplicable circumstances in the Bermuda triangle as a result of its enigmatic disappearance.

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