6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

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5. Marine Sulphur Queen

Bermuda Triangle
Photo by Kardasov Films from Shutterstock

Marine Sulphur Queen was transformed from a T2 tanker to a transporter of molten Sulphur in 1960. It was a 600-foot ship created in 1944 for storage purposes. It set off for its final trip on February 2, 1963, when it had a disastrous fate. It was transporting tons of molten Sulphur and 39 valuable staff members at the time.

On February 4th, its presence was recognized for the last time. Its radio broadcast unexpectedly failed in the middle of a sentence, as it has in numerous other situations. What’s more noteworthy is that right before the reporting ended short, the captain was briefing about favorable environmental conditions and efficient navigation. It was heartbreaking to witness such a massive tanker come to such a tragic end after years of service.

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