6 Devastating Bermuda Triangle Stories

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6. Witchcraft

Bermuda Triangle
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Witchcraft, a cabin cruiser with Captain Dan Burack and his companion, Father Patrick Horgan, set out from Miami on December 22, 1967.

The purpose of the two men’s trip on the 23-foot luxury boat was to take in the beautiful sight of Miami’s Christmas lights. Unfortunately, after traveling barely one mile offshore, the skipper called the coast guard to report that his ship had collided with something, although there was no significant damage.

The coast guard signaled for assistance to be hauled to the beach and headed off right away, arriving at witchcraft in as little as 19 minutes, but to no use. The region where the ship was supposed to be was utterly empty, with no evidence of any ship being stranded or even having been stationed there earlier.

The spacecraft was gone before any life-saving gear on board could be utilized. Over the following three days, coast guard authorities scoured hundreds of square kilometers of water but were unsuccessful. Until now, there has been no trace of this ship. The ship has sailed away, leaving only speculation as to what could’ve happened.

What is YOUR theory on these disastrous events? 

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