6 of the Most Powerful Revolutions in History

3. The October Revolution

Powerful Revolutions
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  • 1917

The October Revolution was purely a political uprising and a part of the Russian Revolution of 1917. On October 25, 1917, armed rebels took control of Petrograd. After the first leg, which happened in February of the same year, it was essentially the second leg of the Russian Revolution.

The Russian Provisional Government was deposed in Petrograd by the October Revolution, which gave control to the regional Bolsheviks. This revolution was first unofficially acknowledged outside of Petrograd’s streets, and as a result, many conflicts arose. This resulted in the Russian Civil War and, eventually, the Soviet Union’s establishment in 1922.

The Bolsheviks carried out this revolution because they had enough control inside the local Petrograd administration to create an army. On October 24, 1917, the Bolshevik Red Guard began occupying important government buildings. The next day, the imposing Winter Palace was taken.

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