6 of the Most Powerful Revolutions in History

6. Boxer Rebellion

Powerful Revolutions
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  • 1900-1901

From 1898 to 1900, China had a terrible Christophobic campaign aimed to destroying the Qing monarchy. The expansion of the Boxer rebellion was fueled by worldwide fear and local conflict. In the years 1897–1898, a drought in Shandong province was accompanied by floods, forcing farmers to flee to the cities.

Around 1900, the Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists, a Chinese secret organization, conducted a movement in northern China against the rise of Western and Japanese dominance, which became recognized as the Boxer Rebellion. The rebels were nicknamed “Boxers” by Westerners because they practiced physical workouts in the hopes of improving their ability to endure gunshots.

They murdered immigrants and Chinese Christians, and destroyed foreign property. The Boxers surrounded the foreign section of Beijing, China’s capital, from June through August, until the revolt was put down by a multinational army that included American forces. China promised to cover over than $330 million in compensation under the provisions of the Boxer Protocol, which formally ended the conflict in 1901.

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