6 Times We Have Avoided All Out Nuclear War

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  • October 27, 1962 – The US Air Force sends out nuclear-armed fighters – On the same day, US Air Force pilots were very close to causing WW III. A US Air Force U-2 reconnaissance aircraft was on its route to the North Pole, to air sample the mission. But the spy plan crossed by accident into Soviet airspace, and lost track of its location. As this happened, six MiG fighter jets were sent to shoot down the U-2. But out of the fear of losing another U-2, the Strategic Air Command sent F-102 Delta Daggers that were armed with nuclear Falcon air-to-air missiles. After this situation, the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara yelled “well, this means war with the Soviet Union!”, to which President John F. Kennedy responded that “there’s always a son of a b— that doesn’t get the word.”
  • October 28, 1962 – Radar operators get confused over an unknown satellite – After these two events, some radar operators in Moorestown, New Jersey reported to NORAD that the Soviet nuclear missiles were about to strike near Tampa, Florida. NORAD was immediately alerted and scrambled to respond, but the time went by without any detonations. Later on, it was discovered that the Moorestown radar operators were confused because the facility was running a test tape that tried to simulate a missile launch from Cuba, when a satellite appeared over the horizon.
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1 thought on “6 Times We Have Avoided All Out Nuclear War”

  1. The Cuban crises of the 60’s was all a sham. Kennedy and Chrucshev pulled of the biggest scam ever. Bay of Pigs was a historical farce. Deception allows control to continue.

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