Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say

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nuclear bomb
Photo by Romolo Tavani from Shutterstock

What Do Experts Say?

According to experts, the most endangered areas are: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and San Francisco. This is because these cities are large and highly populated, but have important infrastructural facilities as well, that are crucial to the U.S. economy and overall structure.

To help you understand the effects of a nuclear bomb, you first need to know what they are. Scientifically speaking, these weapons combine chemical explosives and other materials that create a massive blast, depending on the type of bomb.

Because many leaders acknowledged the dangers of such ammunition, there has been a huge decrease of nuclear weapons that each country holds (over 75% reduction). Even a minor nuclear exchange might kill millions of people, have drastic climate consequences, and wreck the global political and economic institutions.

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1 thought on “Nuclear Bombs Might Hit These 6 U.S. Cities, Experts Say”

  1. If Ukraine falls to the Russia invasion, and it no doubt will, and has to concede to Russia’s demands, if the US and NATO does not intercede with with military power. The free world will have given Russia and all its allies control over the entire world. Right now Russia seems to have the free world, over a Nuclear Barrel, Russia has been threating the free world for 70 plus years of Nuclear destruction but the ironic fact is that Russia will suffer mass destruction also, no body wins. Maybe its time we stand up to Russia, talk tough like they do. the world is watching what the US is going to do. This is the hour of decision for the free world, if we do not help Ukraine now in victory over Russia, The US has just handed over our place as a world power to Russia and the free world, as we now enjoy is lost forever.

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