6 World Ending Disasters That Could Happen Tomorrow

Photo by Ryan Janssens from shutterstock.com

2. A Huge Tsunami Could Occur In The North Sea

This is very likely to happen because of Global Warming. How?

Icebergs are melting at an alarming rate, resulting in rising sea levels and there’s a possibility an enormous landslide could occur in the North Pole, which, together, can cause a catastrophic tsunami in the North Sea.

Scientists believe this could be the case if climate change keeps getting worse and the current worldwide situation doesn’t prove otherwise.

Deadly fires caused by high temperatures all around the world, unstoppable floods and scary storms are the signs that we are close to a natural disaster.

Let’s hope the next one doesn’t blow its top…..

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1 thought on “6 World Ending Disasters That Could Happen Tomorrow”

  1. Thanks for all the effort that went into bringing all of these things to our attention, and yes, #7 is an eye opener and a heart throb.

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