6 World Ending Disasters That Could Happen Tomorrow

Photo by Lane V. Erickson from shutterstock.com

5. Yellowstone Could Explode At Any Time

The beautiful Yellowstone park, known for its breathtaking views and landscapes, is also the home of one of the most dangerous and deadly volcanoes of all time, known as Yellowstone Supervolcano or Yellowstone Caldera.

Scientists say that even if it erupted more than 600,000 years ago, the chances of it happening again are pretty high.

If it does explode we could witness another Pompeii, just this time it will be global.

We’re sorry to break this last one to you…..

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1 thought on “6 World Ending Disasters That Could Happen Tomorrow”

  1. Thanks for all the effort that went into bringing all of these things to our attention, and yes, #7 is an eye opener and a heart throb.

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