7 Devastating Effects Of Severe COVID-19

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Stage 6

The ECMO treatment, although crucial at this point, does still come with its own inherent risks as the immense pressure that is used to open your lungs comes with the risk that air can leak into your chest cavity. If this happens the doctors will insert tubes to clear it out.

Your kidneys might also be of major concern as if they don’t manage to filter out the byproducts from the drugs that you are now being constantly given, your entire body could swell from fluid retention which will require dialysis to help with your renal function.

The risks to your body don’t stop there as because you have been in hospital for a long time now, your chances of a blood clot are extremely high, but by this point, fluid accumulating in your lung sacs is almost certain. Your blood pressure will drop to a critical level causing your heart to stop. The doctors will administer vasopressors to get your pulse and circulation back.

Unfortunately, it is not looking good and some tough decisions will soon need to be made, not just by the doctors, but by your family as well.

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5 thoughts on “7 Devastating Effects Of Severe COVID-19”

  1. This article seems to tell it like it is. I am just recovered from covid and thank God, never went to hospital Went to a walk-in with bad cough, chest pain, weakness and hard to breathe. They started me on steroids and antibiotics, and did a covid test. Called next day, it was positive, need to call pc doctor. She agreed with the meds and continued them as well as sending me for 4 shots for antibodies. It was terrible to go thru but I had the two shot vaccine in March and feel that is why it never got any worse. You don’t want to chance this, do what ever you need to do to stay well.

    You just told me it didn’t go thru. sorry, I am done.

  2. If you happen to survive the treatment, at whatever point, what happens next? I assume there is more treatments of some sort is required.

  3. Crazy, that people are scared to take the medicine that could save their lives.
    Thanks for everything, Donald.

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