7 Most Destructive Terrorist Attacks in History

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Yazidi Communities Bombings, Iraq – August 14th, 2007

On August 14th, 2007, Yazidi communities in Iraq were tragically bombed by Sunni insurgents. The attacks killed more than 796 people, wounding 1500 more. The bombings were by far the deadliest attacks against the Yazidi community in Iraq.

The attacks were directed against two villages in northern Iraq: Qahtaniya and Jazeera. Both of these villages were inhabited by Yazidis, a religious minority group that has been persecuted for a long time by Sunni Muslims.

Both of these villages were completely devastated by bombings. Lots of homes and businesses were completely ruined, and many people were tragically killed or wounded. The attacks left the Yazidi community in Iraq in ruins.

Mogadishu Bombings – 14th October 2017

The Mogadishu Bombings took place on October 4th, 2017. The series of bombings took place in the capital of Somalia. The attacks targeted over 587 people who were fatally injured. The majority of victims were only civilians, such as children and women.

The bombings were carried out by a terrorist group of suicide bombers, who’d rove their trucks loaded with explosives into busy marketplaces, detonating them. The explosions caused a lot of destruction, leveling buildings, and leaving many craters on the ground.

The death toll that was registered from the bombings was probably the highest from any terrorist attack that ever occurred in Somalia’s entire history and by far one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Africa.

Cinema Rex Fire, Iran – 20th August 1978

The Cinema Rex was a well-known theater in Abadan, Iran. But on the night of August 19, 1978, while visitors were watching The Deer, four men locked the doors and doused the theater with airplane fuel, setting it ablaze.

The resulting fire killed around 470 civilians. Only a couple of them had managed to escape. The attack was a major factor in triggering the Iranian Revolution, which ended in the overthrow of the Iranian monarchy.

Beslan School Siege, Russia – 1st September 2004

The siege started very early in the morning of September 1, when a group of armed men attacked School Number One during a ceremony to mark the start of the school year. The militants brutally took over 1,100 people hostage, including 777 children. The siege lasted around three days, ending on September 3, when the Russian security forces decided to launch a military operation to free the hostages.

Over 330 people were killed, and what’s even worse is that most of them were children. It’s probably the deadliest school shooting in history. The Beslan School siege shook the entire world. Also, it brought attention to the terrorism problem in Russia, and the need for the country to find a better way of dealing with this ongoing threat.

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