8 Most Dangerous Bridges in The US

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Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge is 955 Feet High

Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge is by far one of the most spectacular but dangerous bridges in the entire America. The bridge is 955 feet above the Arkansas River, and until 2001, it held the world record for the highest bridge.

People who have a deep fear of heights should definitely avoid this bridge. Even if you can drive across it, we can’t really say it’s an easy road, because once you manage to cross the entire 1,260 feet, you will have to turn around and cross it again.

The Emlenton Bridge in Pennsylvania is definitely the worst

In Pennsylvania, you will find the second-worst bridges in the U.S., at least that’s what the American Road and Transportation Builders Association said. The Embleton Bridge is probably the scariest of them all, as it’s the tallest bridge in Pennsylvania, and it stands 270 feet above the Allegheny River.

As you can imagine, the bridge is also the place where multiple crashes occurred throughout the years. The Emlenton Bridge has no more than four narrow lanes and ongoing rough weather in the autumn and winter.

The Clark Fork River Bridge in Montana is super unstable

The Clark Fork River Bridge is only one mile north of Trout Creek in Montana. Even if it’s only 100 feet long, it still has a very poor structure. It was built in 1958, so its quality has declined over the years, and now it’s rather unsafe. Back in April 2020, the Montana Department of Transportation decided to close the bridge for repairs. The bridge has now reopened after millions of dollars in repairs.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Virginia would frighten any firefighter

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is built over four miles across the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. At its highest point, it stands 200 feet above the water. Terri Robinson, an experienced driver for Kent Island Express, declared to “Washingtonian” that even policemen and firefighters are scared to cross the bridge.

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