8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military

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1. The Laser Avenger

Photo by Flying Camera from Shutterstock

The Avenger defense system is a surface-to-air missile deployment system that is exceptionally light and portable and is usually installed on the backs of combat vehicles. It includes a powerful infrared targeting system that makes it easy to locate targets at any time of day or night, in any weather. Stinger missiles are frequently used to deploy them. However, in 2008, Boeing upgraded the Avenger system after long experiments with a laser cannon.

It combines the Avengers’ traditional kinetic energy-based armaments with a directed-energy laser weapon. A real version of the laser cannon may seem far-fetched, but the device was successfully tested in 2009. During a test, the laser Avenger was able to track three unmanned aerial aircraft and shot one down using its laser. It is probable that there will be other uses for this technology in the near future. However, it’s worth noting that the military now has laser guns capable of tracking and shooting things down from the sky.

Interesting, right?

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3 thoughts on “8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military”

  1. Nice to know the USA has these extremely powerful weapons. I hope we continue on track in the future with even more weapon advancements. I feel as long as we have a first-rate military other countries won’t mess!

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