8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military

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5. Boeing AH-64 Apache

Destructive Weapons
Photo by Clive117 from Shutterstock

One of the best weapons in the U.S. military inventory is the AH-64 Apache helicopter. It may seem comical that a helicopter is the best weapon of the LAND FORCES. However, in recent confrontations in which the US military has been involved, airpower has proven to be the most significant component. For many years to come, the AH-64 Apache and its variations will most certainly be the most decisive factor on the battlefield.

This dangerous helicopter is equipped with a 30-mm gun, Hellfire missiles, and cutting-edge sensors, among other weaponry. It has the speed, firepower, and range to hit the enemy long before they encounter the ground forces of the United States. During Operation Desert Storm and the following battles in Afghanistan and Iraq, it demonstrated its worth. The Apache chopper is capable of destroying tanks and armored vehicles as well as tracking down terrorists.

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3 thoughts on “8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military”

  1. Nice to know the USA has these extremely powerful weapons. I hope we continue on track in the future with even more weapon advancements. I feel as long as we have a first-rate military other countries won’t mess!

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