8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military

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7. M109A6 Paladin self-propelled howitzer

Photo by Flying Camera from Shutterstock

The M109A6 Paladin is the most recent variant of the M109 self-propelled howitzer, which was first deployed by the United States Army in the early 1960s. The M109 first saw combat during the Vietnam War, and it was also employed in the Gulf War and the recent battles in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This artillery system has a 155 mm gun that can reach targets at a range of 30 kilometers (with rocket-assisted projectile). The M109A6 Paladin can also fire Excalibur rounds that are directed by GPS or laser. But while this artillery system takes a back seat in the battlefield, it is, nonetheless, one of the most lethal weapons of battle. The basic M109 self-propelled howitzer has undergone several upgrades.

The standard version of the M109 self-propelled howitzer has numerous amounts of upgraded versions and the US army has already ordered the production of the next upgraded version.

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3 thoughts on “8 Most Destructive Weapons Developed By The US Military”

  1. Nice to know the USA has these extremely powerful weapons. I hope we continue on track in the future with even more weapon advancements. I feel as long as we have a first-rate military other countries won’t mess!

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