8 Most Horrific Massacres In World History

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2. Russia-Ukraine war

  • Ukraine

Horrific Massacres
Photo by Drop of Light from Shutterstock

The most recent massacre and one that was and still is widely discussed around the world is the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian officials have been accused of breaking international law by committing war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity during the conflict. They also have been accused of indiscriminately attacking civilians in densely populated places, causing unnecessary and excessive injuries.

Russian forces employed cluster munitions, which are banned in most countries because due to the instant and long-term harm they pose to civilians, as well as other explosive weapons with wide-area impacts such as missiles, air-dropped bombs, heavy artillery shells, and other launch rockets.

Civilian structures such as homes, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, as well as nuclear power facilities and cultural properties including churches, were damaged or destroyed as a result of Russian forces’ attacks. Over 5,000 civilians died so far as a consequence of this war.

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