American vs Russian Military (Which One Is Stronger?)

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When comparing military power, we should take a few factors into account. Of considerable importance is the population of both countries ready to battle.

The US has a population of roughly 146,171,015, with 1,395,350 fits for military service and over 4 million who reach military age every year.

Country: Russia (RU)/ USA (US)
Capital: Moscow/ Washington
Population: 146,171,015/ 331,449,281
Area: 57,510,000 square miles/ 3,531,905 square miles

Defence Budget (US dollars) – Russia: $61.7 Billion/ US: $738 Billion
Active Personnel – Russia: 900,000 People/ US: 1,395,350 People
Reserve Personnel – Russia: 2,000,000 People/ US: 843,450 People
Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Launchers – Russia: 339/ US: 400

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