American vs Russian Military (Which One Is Stronger?)

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Photo by Keith Tarrier at Shutterstock

Air Power

Combat Capable Aircrafts- Russia: 1,172, US: 1,574
Bomber Aircrafts – Russia: 76, US: 66
Attack Helicopters – Russia: Over 399, US: 740
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles – Russia: Some (Below 50), US: 416

The US Air Force has been considered the supreme air force of the world since the end of the second world war, but we’ve had increased spending in the middle east, and the Russian military budget has grown a lot over the last two decades.

So, what can we deduce based on the stats? Well, we can see that the US has more aircraft overall, actually more than double the amount of Russia. But why is there such a huge discrepancy? One of the reasons is the military budget.

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