American vs Russian Military (Which One Is Stronger?)

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Photo by Mike Fouque at Shutterstock

Land Power

Fighting Vehicles – Russia: 5,180, US: 2,931
Artillery – Russia: Over 4,894, US: 5,123
Battle Tanks – Russia: 2,927, US: 2,645

Despite the stats, the backbone of the US Army infantry is the infantry squad. The nine-man team consists of a two or three-person team on a Stryker interim combat vehicle, plus 6 soldiers that can dismount and fight on foot in mechanized infantry units.

A mechanized infantry squad has the ability to put fewer soldiers on the ground.

Still, it also benefits from vastly increased mobility and firepower in the form of the Bradley’s 25mm M242 Bushmaster autocannon, TOW antitank missiles, and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

Strykers are currently armed with M2 .50 caliber machine guns, but Europe-based units are receiving a new turret upgrade with a 30mm cannon or Javelin antitank missile.

The mechanized dismount team also has its M4 carbines, one M249 squad automatic weapon, an M320 grenade launcher, and a Javelin shoulder-fired medium-range antitank missile, qualified for defeating the heaviest Russian armor at ranges of up to 2,187yds.

Bottom line? If a Russian platoon loses a vehicle, a third of its combat power is lost. If an American platoon loses a vehicle, it only loses a quarter of its firepower.

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