American vs Russian Military (Which One Is Stronger?)

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Cyber and Space

The US Cyber Command is controlled by the NSA and includes 133 Cyber Mission Teams. Russia considers cyber a space protected by its armed forces, although civilian bodies often muddy its command chain in the domain.

Founded in 2019, the US Space Force currently consists of 6,400 personnel. According to an IISS report, “the development of capabilities and countermeasures is proceeding apace” for the US Space Force.

This results from “peer rivals having demonstrated anti-satellite and space-control capabilities.” “This leads to a second priority, changing the US space architecture to be more secure but also accessible to allies and commercial partners,” the report said.

They organize, train, and equip forces to protect the US and allied space interests and supply space abilities to joint Combatant Commands.

The US and Russia both have Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance equipment, while Russian Space Command leases radar technology from neighboring states.

Both have satellite and communications. Although, the US also has counter communications systems in space. The weaponization of space continues for both countries, with the US and Russia developing various counter-space strategies.

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