American vs Russian Military (Which One Is Stronger?)

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To Conclude

Besides the US being a powerhouse, the allies’ military capabilities are also a threat to Russia. With some exceptions like India, China, and even Brazil, most of the top military spenders in the world are US allies.

Even though our country continually and justifiably chides NATO members for not spending enough on their defense, even without the US, NATO still spends about three times as much on security every year as Russia does.

In fact, any combination of Germany, France, and the UK dramatically outspends Russia on its defense. And this is without factoring in other countries like Japan, which has a military budget that is over half that of Russia itself.

So our takeaway? No Russian allies come anywhere close regarding the contribution they could make to a war effort.

Let us know what YOU’RE take is on this whole situation, and be sure to read some of our other articles to stay up to date on current events!

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