4 Ways Biden Destroyed The System BEFORE Becoming President

Joe Biden
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1. The Crime Bill that took place in 1994

This is probably one of the most controversial things Joe Biden has ever done throughout his political career. He was one of the defenders of the 1994 Crime Bill, which he primarily wrote and presented to the Senate as a way to decrease the number of violent crimes.

It seemed that not a lot of people agreed with the politician because he received many criticisms from both the left and the right. Some individuals even say that the 1994 Crime Bill is indeed one of his major weaknesses.

Long story short, the bill is accused of leading to mass incarceration, or at least making mass incarceration a big trend that has a negative effect on African Americans. However, throughout the years, Joe Biden said that some aspects of the bill were a huge mistake, but people still remember it.

2. Anita Hill’s allegations

Another thing that Biden was very heavily criticized for was related to the Anita Hill hearings.

When Christine Blasey Ford addressed the Senate Judiciary Committee on the fact that Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of an attempted assault, it somehow mirrored another testimony that was related to a subject like this.

The second allegation belonged to Anita Hill, and it was about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s harassment in 1994. It seems that the whole incident happened when Orrin Hatch and Joe Biden oversaw a devastating testimony that they supervised.

The thing that made the majority of people angry was the fact that Biden didn’t feel the need to call any independent experts and made Anita Hill defend herself (with no other help) in front of plenty of powerful men.

However, Joe Biden has said many times since this tragic event that he wishes he would’ve reacted differently. What do you think about this subject? Do you know the entire story?

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