4 Ways Biden Destroyed The System BEFORE Becoming President

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3. He plagiarised

If you are familiar with Joe Biden’s political career, you probably know that in 1998 he wanted to run for the presidency. However, it seems that the Democratic Party didn’t like the fact that Biden was caught plagiarizing during his student years at Syracuse Law School.

He admitted that he wasn’t fair and failed the class, but he was given permission to retake it. However, there was something missing, and plagiarism wasn’t over yet. Some sources say that he stole tiny bits of speeches from different well-known former politicians, such as John F. Kennedy, and the entire incident ended with him dropping out of the presidential race in 1988.

4. He opposed schools integration in the ’70s

The 4th thing Biden did that people didn’t agree with was the fact that, during the 1970s, he and Strom Thurmond merged their efforts to oppose integrating schools.

By the year 1975, both Joe Biden and Massachusetts Republican Ed Brooke had compiled liberal voting records, but the now-president of our country did a few things differently: he joined forces with the conservatives and sponsored a huge anti-busing amendment.

The next thing that happened was a major debate, which collapsed the Senate’s bloc of liberals, but it was not all. Besides that, it also meant a global political phenomenon: many white voters from the North complained about sweeping desegregation. At the same time, many liberal leaders detached themselves from robust integration policies.

In 1974, Biden started to vote for a lot of the Senate’s anti-busing bills, saying that he preferred school desegregation but was opposed to “forced busing”. This phrase means that Thurmond worked massively to oppose integrating schools, and when the now-president of the US agreed with Thurmond’s politics on this specific problem, he was also okay with his rhetoric.

…What do you think about Joe Biden? Do you like him as president of the United States? If you want to read something else from us, here’s another good article: 8 Scariest Airports in the World!

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