Florida Alert: How Hurricane Ian Will Impact YOUR Area

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What to do before the hurricane:

  • Make sure your torch is working, and make sure you have spare batteries
  • Check to see if your first aid kit is completely stocked
  • Charge all mobile phones and portable chargers
  • Stock up on food, bottled water, and any other medications that might be needed
  • Make sure to have enough canned foods, that you can eat without needing extra water. You’ll need a working can opener for this.
  • Bring everything inside that might be picked up by the wind, like garden furniture, children’s toys, and even bicycles
  • Fill your bathtub with water so you can keep flashing the toilet when the water gets cut off
  • Close all the windows and board them up with storm shutters to protect them from breaking
  • Unplug all the small appliances so they won’t be damaged if there’s a power surge
  • If you have enough time on your hands, bring the furniture to the higher floors of your house, to keep them out of the way of flooding.
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