Top 7 US States with the Most Reported Missing Persons

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5. Arkansas

Arkansas has 10 to 11 missing persons for every 100,000

Arkansas is well-known for its wilderness and parks. The state is dotted with rivers, caves, hot springs, and mountains. It also had 321 missing people in 2021, according to the NamUs.

Cleashindra Hall, 18, went missing in May 1994 and her case still remains unsolved. The girl was at the top of her high school class and also on the brink of starting an internship in Boston.

After Cleashindra left work, no one ever saw her again. She reportedly got into a car after work, according to the doctor for whom she worked. That’s how two theories have arisen: either Cleashindra was kidnapped, or she may have run away. Every year, the girl’s family releases pink balloons into the sky to mark up their continuing quest to find her.

4. Oregon

Oregon has 11 to 12 missing persons for every 100,000

Oregon is known for its high mountains and miles of sprawling forests. But this state also has a high number of missing persons, including a shocking number of missing kids.

One particular strange place is Crater Lake, located in Southwest Oregon. Made up of rainwater sitting in the crater of a dormant volcano, both the lake and the surrounding area are known to be a magnet for strange disappearances.

One such case was that of Samuel Boehlke, 8, who disappeared in Oct. 2006. The boy, who had a milder form of autism, walked away from his father to admire the view and headed into the forest. That was the last time when he was seen.

The rescue team brought in canines, but the dogs couldn’t pick up the scent. They also brought in air support, but it was in vain. Eight years prior, another boy went missing from a nearby spot. He has never been found, either.

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