Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide

Nuclear Bomb
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Besides initial blasts of fire and terrible shockwaves that might come from the bomb detonations, a nuclear war would definitely be felt throughout the entire country, as radiation would be transferred via winds, but also as extreme weather patterns would occur, because of all the disruption brought to the atmosphere.

You might want to stay somewhere where it’s easy to prepare a shelter or even adapt one that’s already built. If the closest bomb detonation is far away, you might still have to shelter for a couple of days, just to make sure you’re not being exposed.

A railway tunnel is the best place to hide, especially if you know for sure that the trains won’t be moving around. Another great option is to park a car above a motor mechanics inspection trench. Then, pack the inside of the car with many sacks of soil, and go under the car. The soil in the car will protect you from gamma rays.

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3 thoughts on “Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide”

  1. We can find old underground bomb shelters that were constructed during the second world war (WWII). Some old hospitals that I know have underground shelters.

  2. A deterrent could be the threat that we will come for you with conventional methods after you have spent your nukes——– I, Grampa

  3. We need to watch nursing homes because dems have been going in and harvesting votes from people who have been drooling on themselves for years. Totally unable to make a decision.

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