Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide

Nuclear Bomb
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There are also many other ways to decontaminate the water, such as putting a bit of clay-type soil in a bucket with some rainwater, then stirring it up. This way, the majority of the radioactivity will easily bind to the clay. Radiation sickness that’s caused by the fallout might kill, depending on the intensity of the exposure.

Radiation could have a negative effect on your gastrointestinal system, the bone marrow, and also your circulatory system, which could result in sudden death, or, in much lower doses, could cause thyroid cancer in other organs. In the aftermath of any nuclear attack, building back our civilization from scratch would be terrible and incredibly hard.

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3 thoughts on “Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide”

  1. We can find old underground bomb shelters that were constructed during the second world war (WWII). Some old hospitals that I know have underground shelters.

  2. A deterrent could be the threat that we will come for you with conventional methods after you have spent your nukes——– I, Grampa

  3. We need to watch nursing homes because dems have been going in and harvesting votes from people who have been drooling on themselves for years. Totally unable to make a decision.

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