Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide

Nuclear Bomb
Photo by Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu at Shutterstock

After the U.S. bombs destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, it took so many years to restore those cities to become fully functional. If that would have been the case in multiple other cities in the United States, it’s very likely that the time it would have taken to recover fully would be much longer than that.

As experts claim, surviving an extremely powerful large-scale nuclear attack is highly possible, but the challenges that might appear post-detonation would be to successfully reconnect infrastructure and to reestablish all the supply lines. The best thing we can do is hope that the conflict won’t escalate to such levels, and be prepared as best as we can!

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3 thoughts on “Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide”

  1. We can find old underground bomb shelters that were constructed during the second world war (WWII). Some old hospitals that I know have underground shelters.

  2. A deterrent could be the threat that we will come for you with conventional methods after you have spent your nukes——– I, Grampa

  3. We need to watch nursing homes because dems have been going in and harvesting votes from people who have been drooling on themselves for years. Totally unable to make a decision.

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