9 Reasons Hitler Dismantled the German Constitution So Easily

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After acquiring power, Hitler dismantled the structures of democratic rule. Here’s how he did it:

  1. The Fire Decree was passed on February 28th, 1933, when a “mysterious” fire happened in the German Parliament building. It suspended civic rights like freedom of speech, press, and assembly.
  2. The Communists were his arch-enemies. His first order of business was to send them to the newly inaugurated concentration camps. Many socialists, democrats, and Catholics were captured and slaughtered.
  3. The famous Enabling Act was passed on March 3rd, 1933. It established a dictatorship rule in Germany. Adolf gained the power to control the media, economy, army, and judicial system.
  4. To control and order society how the Nazis desired, special surveillance and security forces were formed.
  5. He invested laboriously in armament and chose war as the suitable way to overcome the economic crisis.

Now…How did he convince an ENTIRE population? Keep reading to find out!

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