9 Reasons Hitler Dismantled the German Constitution So Easily

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He Took Advantage Of The General Public’s Desperation

If you appeal to the hatred and fears of a population that feels they’re being wronged or marginalized by their government in any way, you’ll get them to embrace your point of view.

In Adolf Hitler’s case, he played upon the Germans public’s fears that they were being neglected by their own failing government and enterprises. Let’s not forget: Germany was going through its own Great Depression at the time, following World War I.

He Relied On The Great Pride Of Germans

In his many speeches, Adolf kept repeating that Germany was once a great and powerful nation. He also claimed that they were winning World War I, but soft politicians and spineless generals gave up and yielded their country to the Allies of France, Britain, and Russia.

Once he filled the public’s heads with this idea, he began to proclaim that only he and the Nazis could make their country great once again.

He Portrayed Himself As An Outsider

Speaking of making the country great again, the Fuhrer made it seem as though he was the only one who could unite the troubled nation and repair the country’s many concerns.

The divided parties of government, with their stagnation and bipartisanship, practically left the door open for a dictator like Hitler. So, he stepped into the leadership role with the radical Nationalist directive of the Nazis, one people feverishly welcomed.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

What do we know about marketing? It’s an advertising technique businesses use to convey their messages repeatedly to the public. Well, Goebbels and Hitler skillfully used posters, radio, movies, and flyers to saturate Germany with their Fascist news.

Repetitive propaganda delivers a feedback loop, each rotation backing up the previous one. It tapped into the deep-seated prejudice of the masses.

Repeat Lies Enough, And People Will Believe They’re True

People can lie about political parties, countries, and even religions. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis used book burnings with great triumph to demonize any views that didn’t support the Third Reich.

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