9 Reasons Hitler Dismantled the German Constitution So Easily

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He Used Propaganda

Hitler suspected journalists and any other intellectuals of being Socialists or, worse, Communists!

To discredit them as the highly educated “elites,” he planted distrust among the masses in their own public universities, the Press, and even in courts … until he controlled them all behind the scenes, from within. Then they simply became his propaganda mouthpiece.

He Played On The Public’s Emotions

Radical Nationalism resounds with people who see themselves as persecuted, even if they’re technically the middle-class majority. Someone else is always to blame for their hardships, right?

So the demagoguery and authoritarianism of Hitler were seen as acceptable when it was all said and done. The goal wasn’t to control people’s minds but their emotions. So when the Fuhrer convinced their hearts of his twisted vision, their minds surrendered their logic.

He Encouraged Bad Behavior

Legitimacy, ethics, and even religious decency can be put on the back-burner for the more significant cause, sometimes for a generation. So racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism were the ends to a means for the Nazis and Hitler.

He convinced people to put their Christian values aside. He argued that everyone thinks evil thoughts, so why not say them out loud? But better yet, he encouraged them to take to the streets and act upon them!

He Found His Scapegoats

Hitler felt that people who didn’t look, think, or pray like everyone else were the root cause of ALL the problems hard-working Germans were facing. In this case, it meant Jewish people and immigrant Gypsies.

They were portrayed as criminal, dangerous, and even inhumane. After all, why would you trust people like that? Wouldn’t want to risk it… Better to round them all up and expel them!

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