Republicans and Their Ongoing Revolts Against Democracy, Explained

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Those who identify as Trump’s supporters have also embraced anti-democratic ideas

According to a two-part survey that was conducted in late 2020 and early 2021, it has been proven that strong Trump supporters show a lot of hostility towards democratic principles. They go even further than believing the 2020 elections were stolen, which, by the way, we can confirm is a unanimous view among the majority of them.

Over 90 percent are against making things easier when it comes to voting, and roughly 70% would definitely support a hypothetical third term for Trump (which would definitely be unconstitutional). With such results, we can clearly say that the whole MAGA movement represents a threat to American democracy.

Republicans become more and more open to violence

As you probably know, the ultimate expression of all anti-democratic politics is the use of violence. Unfortunately, most Republicans (more than twice as many as Democrats) declared in a poll that using force would be completely justified against their opponents.

It might be easy to dismiss this argument as meaningless if January 6 hadn’t happened. However, the survey took place three weeks after the attack. It seems that Republicans fully understand what political violence means in the U.S., and the vast majority of them are perfectly comfortable with it.

Of course, this philosophy is mainly based on the party’s rhetoric: the more leaders like Trump who attack the democratic political system, the more Republicans will think that extreme measures are fully justified. A separate study proved that all the Republicans who strongly believed that Democrats cheated in the last election were more likely to support post-election violence.

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