5 Subtle Signs a Natural Disaster Will Hit Your Home Soon

static hair
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1. Your hair feels static

You probably learned this when you were a kid, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again. If a thunderstorm is approaching, your body will feel it. Lightning strikes after there’s enough charge built up between the sky and the clouds, and you might notice that your hair stands up all over your body.

So what does this mean? If your hair is literally standing up, like reaching for the sky, a thunderstorm is coming soon, and lightning will too. Other signs your body might send you regarding a hazard are popping ears and a vague buzzing around metals.

If you notice any of these, look for some covered shelter ASAP, but that should never be a tree. If you’re on the street, just go into a store, and if you’re caught somewhere and there’s no way you could get a roof over your head, sit down, crouch low, keep your head down, cover your eyes, and try to limit your contact with the ground.

Another thing you should do is get rid of any metal items you might be carrying, so you’ll be protected. Remember to always be safe and read the guidelines regarding a thunderstorm.

2. Animal migrations

It feels like massive animal migrations were always considered a sign of a potential disaster. Experts say that there’s no specific reason why animals do something like this, but they think that’s the result of their survival instincts, which are so sensitive that their bodies feel when an environmental mishap will hit soon.

Whatever the case may be, researchers say that this behavior can typically be observed a couple of minutes or moments before an earthquake. So if you notice birds, amphibians, mammals, and even insects flying or running all panicked, get ready for some natural disaster to strike.

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