5 Subtle Signs a Natural Disaster Will Hit Your Home Soon

receding tide
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3. Weird smell

If you watched the news in 2019–2020, you already know how massive the destruction brought by the wildfires in Australia was. Everyone and everything can develop when they have the proper conditions, and that’s the case with wildfires too.

It only takes a single spark, a cigarette that’s irresponsibly discarded somewhere, or a campfire that nobody is watching, and the right weather conditions to start a huge fire that can destroy anything standing in its way.

We live in a modern world where we have access to multiple information sources, which means that we can receive alerts and messages telling us to protect ourselves from different problems.

But if you’re somewhere in the wild, with no service on your phone and no news and alerts to watch and read, how can you manage to know that a disaster is coming?

Experts say that you should trust your instincts and your smell. For instance, if you feel a strong burning smell in the breeze and the breeze itself starts getting warmer and warmer, there might be a wildfire nearby.

Look for any signs of smoke around you, and pay attention if there are animals that are getting out of their dodges because they feel when something bad is close to them.

As you probably know, the burning ash from a wildfire can travel a lot with the help of the wind, even if it’s far away, but if you can strongly smell something burning, go home ASAP and call the authorities as fast as you can.

4. Briskly receding tide

It’s true that the tide goes out and comes back in, but a sudden withdrawal of the water that exposes an important amount of ocean floor that you can’t normally see means that a tsunami is about to hit.

This huge natural disaster happens when a powerful earthquake occurs on the ocean floor. Even if you notice a receding ocean and there’s no official announcement, sirens, or anything like that, just run!

The ocean is not like a bathtub, and it doesn’t have any plugholes to let the water out, so when the ocean moves away from the shore more and more, that’s a warning sign that you should run ASAP and go to high ground because a tsunami is close!

5. Dogs howling

Dogs can howl at anything they want, including the moon. They also do it when they’re scared of something, such as fireworks, but if all the dogs in your neighborhood start howling, that’s a sign that something bad might happen.

Whether it’s an earthquake, a thunderstorm, or a tsunami, dogs and other animals, in general, will feel the danger up to a couple of minutes before the disaster, so if you notice your pup being restless, howling, and trying to escape, take their warning and prepare for the worst.

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