Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population

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1. Arizona

2022 saw several newsworthy events, including mass fatalities among abandoned homeless people and a skyrocketing number of homeless individuals living in settlements around the city.

Before the pandemic, homelessness in the city had been increasing for many years; but, in the years since the pandemic started, both sheltered and unsheltered populations have witnessed a rapid increase.

The spike has been attributed to several factors, including a lack of cheap housing, a paucity of emergency shelters, and the recession brought on by the epidemic.

2. South Dakota

Homelessness has increased in South Dakota’s smaller communities as a result of an absence of affordable housing and a lack of services to assist those without homes.

Metropolitan areas like Sioux Falls are severely affected; it is said that tiny communities have purchased bus and taxi tickets for homeless people to travel to cities with better facilities and assistance. In Sioux Falls, shelters are either full or close to them.

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