Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population

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3. Maine

As part of a strategy to distribute overcrowded shelters that presented a high risk of transmission during the pandemic, Maine obtained government assistance to help house a growing unhoused population in hotels.

Unfortunately, most hotel rooms and shelters only offer short-term accommodations and do not offer lasting alternatives. Numerous homeless people were compelled to stay longer in shelters and other transitional homes due to the escalating expense of long-term housing and its limited availability.

4. Virginia

Virginia had a rise in the number of house losses and court appearances by those fighting evictions when the pandemic’s eviction moratorium expired in June 2022. Many homeless people were forced to either find new accommodations or return to the streets as pandemic-related funding for transitory hotel housing for them was cut off.

In some areas of the state, where there are hundreds of people on waitlists to get into some facilities, a lack of room in emergency shelters is a persistent problem.

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