Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population

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5. California

California policymakers and campaigners have long worked to lessen what many have dubbed a homelessness crisis since the Golden State has the nation’s biggest population of homeless people.

Extreme weather and intensifying restrictions by law enforcement on refugee camps have put an already vulnerable population at risk in several areas of the state, notably Los Angeles, where around 2 in 5 of California’s homeless population dwells. And that’s not it! Since 2015, the number of homeless people has increased by 160%!

Unfortunately, there won’t be any changes in this matter in the near future.

6. Montana

One of the biggest cities in Montana, Bozeman, did not have a shelter for the homeless that was open year-round until this year. As a result, many individuals had to spend the months of April through October in settlements or on the streets, which was risky given the state’s severe weather.

Two years ago in 2021, a snowfall in April resulted in the deaths of numerous homeless people who were living outside. Although pledges to invest in reasonably priced housing have been made public, the rising cost and scarcity of housing have made it difficult to reduce the growing number of unhoused Montanans.

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