Stay Safe! 8 States With the Biggest Homeless Population

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7. Rhode Island

Back in 2012, Rhode Island passed a Homeless Bill of Rights and it was the first state to do that. This particular law defends those without a place to live against housing-based prejudice.

However, issues still exist for the growing number of homeless people in Rhode Island, which began before the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many homeless persons in the state were able to find refuge in motels because of pandemic financing, the program’s closure came at a time when there were far fewer possibilities for cheap housing than normal, making it challenging for them to find long-term, permanent housing solutions.

So, does that mean the Homeless Bill of Rights is somehow useless at this very moment?

8. Vermont

Sadly, even though Vermont has spent hundreds of millions of dollars fighting homelessness over the past two years, rates of persons experiencing homelessness have continued to climb in the state, according to a Vermont State Auditor’s study.

Besides all these things mentioned, Vermont also has skyrocketing housing prices, which greatly contributes to the overall homeless situation.

What do you think about this critical situation in the country? We will be able to fight homelessness? Tell us in the comments.

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